Fall in love.. and get lost in its beautiful mystery

Love is that spark which sets ur heart ablaze
Making your world dazzle it leaves you in a complete daze
That meaningful stare and that special glance
Leaves you in a dreamy trace

Love is that spell which makes your world magical
Dwelling into the depths of fantasy nothing seems logical
Love makes you wild and ignites the flame of passion
You go nuts and have an irresistible attraction

Love creates confusion and puts your mind in a twirl
It steals your thoughts and your emotions swirl
Love makes you come alive and takes you to heights of happiness
Your heart flutters and glows with eagerness

The sweet essence of love fills your life with spice
Sometimes notoriously naughty and sometimes adoringly nice
Love’s delicate touch adorns you with an everlasting fragrance
Its enchanting power excites you in every sense.