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Thread: Woh Ghaar Tumha'ara bhi kuch tou tha'aa.....

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    Woh Ghaar Tumha'ara bhi kuch tou tha'aa.....

    This was sent to me by my sister many years ago when I settled abroad.She is two years younger to me and we were ( still are ) best friends also.....

    Woh JahaaN the walid o waldah,Woh bhain woh bhai woh Aqarbaa,
    Wohe ghar tumhara bhi kuch tou tha,TumhaiN yaad ho keh naa yaad ho

    Koi Aik din koi aik pal,Koi aik haraaf koi Amaal,
    Jou hamaara achaa tumhain lagaa,tumhaiN yaad ho keh na yaad ho
    Kaee jaane wale gayee magar,woh zaroor ayain hain lout ker,
    woh jou wada aane ka tha kiya,TumhaiN yaad ho keh na yaad ho

    Tumhain yaad karte hain kis qadar,TumhaiN bhool paaeiN na bhool ker,
    Hai dar e umeed Abhee khulaa,TumhaiN yaad ho keh na yaad ho....


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