Most of the times when I was looking on the Internet for a movie file converter I ended up in despair. The main reason for my search was usually the inability of the bunch of players I had to load some of my video files. As a secondary important reason, sometimes I wanted to transfer some of the sounds or video clips from my computer on my phone, but I was unable to do so because I couldn't find them in the phone's supported format.

Quick Media Converter is a very easy-to-use tool based on versatility and speed. It converts from and to the most common formats and even more, because to be honest with you I found file types I never heard of before. The interface is easy to read and the steps you need to follow are easy to understand. Besides the file conversion feature, the application has Webcam options so you can record your own videos in AVI format and send them to your friends, transfer them on your phone or convert and upload them on the Internet.

Initially it creates standard AVI files, but using its built-in SWF Producer you have a choice of swapping to bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWF file format).

Mainly designed for building tutorials, CamStudio records all audio and video activity from your screen and it might be the solution you have been looking for. Being an open source
program, CamStudio comes as an improvement from the previous version of QMC, an extension pack with its own set of options and rules. The output file containing different regions of your Windows screen are saved in AVI format or bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWF file format) the latter is designed for an easy Internet upload and it can be converted afterwards into another file type that suits your need.

Although seeming unavailable, Assistance menu is hidden by the Forum and "CocoonVideos" logos. Help included in a minimalist Web browser that restricts surfing only to developer's pages. If you ever get stuck with the application, go have a look in there. FAQ section is present and answers the most common questions and not only, and you can also find video tutorials on how to get yourself out of trouble. Registering in the producer's website should allow you to upload up to 2 MB of video from your hard drive.

An important thing I have to mention when we are talking about any application is money. Well, you don't have to worry about it because this versatile application is completely free of charge, it has no restriction or trial limit and your videos are not engraved with any kind of logo. Pretty cool I would say!

As soon as you open the application, you will be nicely surprised by the 3D effect attached to this action. Having an inside look, first thing we can talk about is the interface. It has been developed in style, with toolbar Logos in large size and intuitive action buttons. You are going to realize soon enough that its just content in a window frame, but the visual impact the program has on you makes you forget about that very quickly.

Talking about the menu bar, oh well, there is not much to say about it, I'm afraid. Probably you will never use it, unless you want to switch from English to French. As for the Exit button, there is a large "image" on the interface with "Quit" message written under it so we all know what it means. Unless you want to re-read the license, hit update if you are searching for a newer version of this program.

Like I have mentioned before, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to see how the program works. All that is required from your input are the files to be converted. You can do this by browsing for them on your medium support, or just drag & drop them. Deleting all files or showing their properties is also available in the software. The context menu from the application window gives you access to MediaInfo, Delete and Play function which are also to be found in the interface. If you have no idea about the Info a video file might reveal you can have a look, but don't expect to understand half of the details you are going to see unless you are an expert in the field.

In the case you will try to convert some files, all the six steps you need to take are thoroughly explained, so there is no room for error in what you are doing. You will be surprised of the speed of the converter. The process consists in selecting one file to be converted (or batch them all), browse for the output directory, choose one of the formats for the conversion and press the movie-like "Action" pictograph. Take step 6 to see the results.

Quick Media Converter (QMC) can convert to and from various file formats as: FLV, AVI, DIVX, XVID, MPEG, MPEG, 2, MP3, RealMedia, QuickTime, PSP, iPod, iPhone, WMV, VCD, 3GP, 3G2, M4A, AMR, H264, H263. Check it for yourself, as they are hidden under suggestive icons.

In Expert Mode things are done basically in the same way. Drag and Drop a file, choose the output folder and 1 of the 41 available output format types. But before you reach the final point, here comes the "expert" part. Experienced users will benefit from setting options like Codec, BitRate, Frame, Ratio, Freq. Rate and Crop which are not for everyone to understand and that is why these are under Expert Mode. Too bad the publisher was a bit cheep with additional info about this. Unfortunately, the software does not come with the right video codecs so if you try to convert a file without the right codec, the conversion process will do nothing.

The Webcam feature comes as a plus for this application. Again, we have to take advantage of the easiness of using the program. Select the video driver for your webcam, choose the destination folder and press Start. With the webcam settings being adjusted directly from the application, the difference consists in the possibility of changing the stream settings. Via drop-down menus you can change resolution (between 160x120 and 640x480), pixel depth and compression (MJPG, YUY2) and the file size.

By default the file is saved in AVI format, but you can change this with the help of the program by converting the file to any other type that suits your needs. You can also take pictures in BMP format, which can be adjusted or modified with third-party software. There were some minor glitches here that I found to be annoying. First of all, the webcam preview was flickering like hell, and secondly, setting the default folder for the newly created files seemed to be not enough since once you stopped recording you were being asked again for the directory's path and for the name of the file.

"CocoonVideos" pictogram reveals the internal browser of the software. Don't get too excited, as this browser works only for application's related links and not on any other websites. But its still an important feature because if you register (free of charge), you get 2GB of space on the publisher's server to upload your videos. If you decide to exit and use another option of the program, there is no need of closing the browser, just press another pictograph and you are there.

Forum was designed for the user's Assistance facilities. It starts from the same internal browser idea as above and the possibility of registering is being offered in here as well. Once registered, you can ask for help in one of the threads or read the QMC's FAQ. Reporting application's bugs is welcomed here, and if you are trying to discover the secrets of experienced movie makers, try the "Expert Mode Hand Out." You can also find a link to tutorials on the producer's website.

As an overall to what has been said by now, Quick Media Converter is a flexible and easy-to-use tool for the conversion of video and audio files, in a wide variety of formats. The speed of the conversion process is incredible. Some say that on rare situations the resulted files may not be fully converted or unreadable, but I never encountered this. The interface is user friendly and has Logos of the most common file formats.

The Good

It converts to and from various video and audio file formats. Its large buttons and the entire design make a flexible and versatile interface. Webcam feature lets you take pictures and save your own home-made films. Experienced movie makers are welcomed, as there are Video, Audio and Crop file options that the program allows to be modified. Everything can be configured easily via tabs and drop-down menus.

It has CamStudio open source software integrated for building tutorials, for home or business use.

The Bad

The help inside the application is unavailable, especially for Expert Mode where it is needed the most. Some glitches are to be noted, such as the flickering of the preview or software's inability to remember the path for the output folder in Webcam mode. The English version contains some remnants of French words here and there.

The major problem about this application is represented by codecs. The program doesn't come with any of them installed and you have to look on the Internet for a pack containing all the necessary ones, as installing them one by one might take some time.

The Truth

Quick Media Converter is a good piece of software which can be installed and be easily used on any computer. It has a nice 3D effect when opened, it is very useful and quickly converts a wide range of file types. It is a free program, without restrictions, time trials or any kind of logo engraving on your files.

This application will allow you to record videos or take pictures from your Webcam or DV Cam flux, in avi format, then convert it to any format you need.

Some features:

Converts to and from most formats including :
Real Media TS QuickTime, PSP
iPod Iphone WMV VCD 3GP 3G2
M4A AMR H264 H263
Converts to and from mobile phones file formats.
Converts all FLV files or Youtube Dailymotion Break etc.
Captures and records Webcam and DV Cam flux (video and sound)

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