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Thread: Hotel grace Residencyat Andheri

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    Hotel grace Residencyat Andheri

    Grace residency ofhotel at Andheri started its first venture the director Neha Lakdawala who hasrecently finished her BA hons & Diploma in Hotel Management fromSwitzerland was very excited and said It has been designed keeping in mind thecomfort and service of a 5 star which accommodate more than 35 rooms and islaunching two more hotels in Bandra and lonavala.

    Aditya raj kapoorsaid, “I am happy that the hotel also has two banquets with the capacity of 200pax as there is need for people to cater for parties, corporate events,weddings and conference meetings”.

    WhileDevshi khandhuri and Baba siddiqui was seendiscussing the ambiance of the hotel and the rooftop restaurantoverall all the guests was seen admiring the boutique hotel.

    Name:  nidokidos -Devshi-khanduri-At-Grace-Residency-Hotel-Opening-006.jpg
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