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Thread: Easy tips: 5 quick Shaving tips for men and women

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    Easy tips: 5 quick Shaving tips for men and women

    Well, this post is not for the babies at all, but I just found this pic to be too cute and couldn't resist myself from posting it here

    So do you guys really know the right way to shave? Shaving has to be done with caution since our skin is too sensitive ( Especially for the ladies who use razors)

    Here are some fast tips to remember:

    1. Always wet your skin. Never dry shave, it causes razor burn
    2. Change the blade frequently for best results
    3. Buy shaving creams that contain emollients and avoid products that contain irritants (alcohol, menthol, and peppermint)
    4. Shave in the direction against the growth of hair
    5. Avoid using deodorant, perfume, lotions immediately after shave

    Take Care!
    for more tips, join my group
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