Robert Hughes' history of Modern Art from Cubism to Pop and the Avant-Garde

The popular art history sequel to the BBC's Civilization series, picks up at the threshold of the 20th century. It is written and presented by Robert Hughes, art critic and senior writer for Time.

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Hughes draws on a wealth of documentary materials from the archives of the BBC, including rare footage and interviews with noted artists. The range of major figures includes Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, le Corbusier, Maz Ernst, Francis Bacon and Jackson Pollock.

Episode 4: Trouble in Utopia
German visionary architects such as Scharoun, Finsterlin, Luckhardt, Taut planned their Wagnerian dreams with glass palaces in the Alps, as did Italians such as Sant' Elia and Chiattone. Then, Bauhaus and the functionalist faith-Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius, le Corbusier, and the worldwide spread of the glass-box international style, with their concomitant social programs and delusions. The great myth of the architect as social legislator culminated in the town plans of le Corbusier, the speculations of Buckminster Fuller and came to an end in the strange wasteland of Brasilia.