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Thread: Heart Attack

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    Wow amazing information share.

    Please also tell which diet to take to avoid heart attack and which do not.

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    This all information is really great and very useful to get knowledge about Heart attack. Heart attack is the major disease in human life and it be a cause of human death. If you want to prevent from your self from heart attack than you can do regular exercise and eat a healthy food which have proper and balance nutrient value. You also take care to control cholesterol level because this is the main cause of heart attack.

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    It's like the most complex, detailed and catchy explanation I've ever read about a heart attack, I've sure learned lots of things out of these comments!

    But it seems to me that nowadays it has becoming harder and harder to find healthy foods on the market, unless you afford to cultivate, grow and make the aliments on your own... And still, not bothering to choose the smallest harm from what we are offered is not an option. I am personally already very careful with what I put on my plate and I've noticed a great difference within the past two years.

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