Here are some quotes of this great man.


No man is born to any religion; he has a religion in his own soul!

They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive. - Essence of Seva

तुमतत्वनहींहो , नाहीशरीरहो , तत्वतुम्हारासेवकहैतुमतत्वकेसेवकनहींहो

The greatest religion is to be true to your own nature. Have faith in yourselves!

Your thoughts makes you;If you think yourselves weak, weak you will be;if you think yourselves strong, strong you will be.


The more we come out and do good to others, the more our hearts will be purified, and God will be in them.
If the mind is intensely eager, everything can be accomplished—mountains can be crumbled into atoms

Waves may roll over surface & tempest rage,but deep down there is stratum of infinite calmness, peace and infinite bliss

All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.

Cultivate muscles of iron, nerves of steel & a mind of the same material - like the thunderbolt

All good work has to go thru 3 stages. First comes ridicule, then the stage of opposition and finally comes acceptance

youth Should serve humanity in 3 levels: 1) Physical 2) Intellectual 3) Spiritual. Perfect understanding of service!