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Thread: Be Thankful......

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    Be Thankful......

    Be Thankful

    Be thankful for having a home
    ... Many people sleep on the street
    Be thankful even if you are alone
    You don't know in the future who you will meet


    Be thankful even if you feel down
    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
    Be thankful and don't you ever frown
    Keep a smile on your face and destroy your anger

    Be thankful for having parents who are sweet
    Others have parents who are heartless
    Be thankful for having them even if they beat
    Orphans can tell you how without them they feel helpless

    Be thankful for having food
    Many people suffer from hunger
    Be thankful for having a good mood
    Others are depressed and their pain is a strong thunder

    Be thankful when you feel pain
    It means that you are still alive
    Be thankful that you are not insane
    Tough life cause insanity to arrive

    Be thankful even If you fail
    Others don't even have the chance to try
    Be thankful for having a brain
    That handicaps don't have and die

    Be thankful when you make a mistake
    Without mistakes you will never learn
    Life never stops it's like a lake
    And every minute you waste cannot be returned

    Be thankful for everything you have
    Be thankful for everything you own
    Because if you don't
    you will regret it when it's all gone

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    thank you for sharing this.

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