Fettered me down to the earth.
Or cut me loose without a berth.
Scraped my bleeding heart, so.
Lifeless, shorn, in moments ho.


Restless mangled throb aglow,
Deadened by a piercing blow.
One from yonder ways calls.
Sighs in the din of waterfalls.

Once you whispered to me life,
now all is lost in soulless strife.
By the holly bush you bloomed.
I now wrenched in pain consumed.

Wails and Pales as it shifts,
cooing lovebirds in the drifts.
Ambles along the snowy malls,
still reflect in windowed stalls.

Soul afire in sleepless nights,
dark conspires and chill affrights.
Punches thrown by daily chore,
in every breath bring to fore.

saadat tahir
02 Jan-2k12