“ A conspiracy spread for GUJARAT is done against the country.” – ADVANIJI.

“ A progress is possible through GUJARAT only.” – Arun Shourie.

“This govt. is meant for ‘DEVELOPMENT’. – Mukesh Ambani.

“Giant Investment”

A dream of Rs. 66,000 crores comes to true through NRIS for GUJARAT.

For the first-time in the history of GUJRAT a big international conference was held in Ahmedabad – Surat and given fall data of Prosperity. “ A global investors summitte” was a success. Mr. Narendr Modi govt. congratulations from all walks of life.

The figure showing data are as follows.

Foreigners 125 Invited 1000.
NRI 200
VIP of INDIA 200.

Because of this big deal, at least over 5 crores of Gujarati will be benefited in the form of development, employment, prosperity etc. All foreigners were talking about. There was a clear intention against Gujarat. Some blamed unnecessary GUJARAT. There will be a complete return of their investment in GUJARAT. One can put trust on it. There was a programmed to see about “ REHABILITATION OF KUCHH” on 30th September 2003. All technicians & managerial staff of GOS & NGOS were pleased after watching the progress made.

There is unlimited power / energy. Development is also unlimited… social awareness is also.

In this conference, more than 40 industrialists, socialist, project developers have taken part. They had shown the interest is invest in various fields like engineering, tourism, mines, garment textile, Jewelries, Petrochemicals and technology etc. A group like Torrent, Reliance, Adani, Nirma are more enthusiastic while BHEL, British-gas etc. have given the answers to the arguments of oppositions totally.

Really speaking “ An aid Test” of GUJARAT is already started. Ever though GUJARAT will remain ahead development- it is observed totally, “ People of INDIA” is watching constantly. GUJARAT will not be detailed. Anyhow, those black clouds have gone & that’s why some shocks had come. But shock absorbs were and are very powerful. Hence people are still Trusting in.

A number of Gujaratis - living abroad & in country – have got self-confidence through “GUJARAT going global” message along with “NAVARATRI” today works like – GARABA- DANDIYA-NAVARATRI etc. are well famous throughout the world & got a proper honor in various distinctions also.

A very few people must have got an indea /through about this conference. Round about 67 laces E-mails were made out of which seven and half lacs people have responded positively to the proposal. Four & half lacs people read website. A slogan was adopted and that is that, “A development of Gujarat is meant for India”. We have made positive approach neither made a negative approach. Someone if may notice or not, there will be no wrong propaganda. Gujarat’s new industrial policy is well reflected in these connections.

Once again Gujarat has taken necessary steps in the fields of commerce, culture, trade- tradition, Entrepreneurship entertainment development and disaster management, Sardar sarovar etc. which can be verified threw facts and figures and word has realized it.

Gujarati is unlimited destination for all in the fields of agriculture industries, I.T., education, prio-techno, health, infrastructure, tourism etc. all are welcome.


Gujarati is prominent state in accepting, “ privatization of Eco” and state is finance for deficit of revenue is from Rs. 6700 crores to Rs. 3500 crores. A credit rating graph threw CRL has gone high. Gujarat has got 70% rate for investment in compare to others, which is very high.

All have realize through “Vibrant Gujarat – Navratri Project” that a success one.

Thanking you,
Mayur Dave
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.)