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Thread: Flea Market Montgomery - Long Version

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    Flea Market Montgomery - Long Version

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    How to expand your business

    Advertisements are made to increase business , but wrong ads .... work vice verse..

    here are some some points to increase your business.

    Expand your business :

    These are some tips to expand your business . It is useless to survive in business intead of making it profitable .

    1. Marketing

    Marketing is the best tool to expand your business . without marketing you can not survive . Advertising stand your business infront of your competitors . and you will got new partners in business to grow and boost up . Marketing should be well planned.

    2. Customer opinion

    Customer surveys will be arranged and ask for suggestion to improve the product .

    3. Sales Force

    Sales force matter in the business , in this way sales staff should be trained morally and professionally .
    They should be fed that customer is our asset . and we have to handle them with proper attention .

    4. Sales Incentive

    Sales incentives are the energy for the sales staff . Incentive are attractive to motivate them like .... One salary bonus, trip to foreign country , cash prize or promotion after the achievement of their sales target.

    5. Adding Values to your products

    Add values to your products as compare to competitors . These values lead your business above the others .
    These are very important to expand your business.

    6. Cut your cost

    very important issue is to reduce your production cost by maintaining the quality . Cost depends upon the purchasing of raw material from whole sale or third party contact . minimize the brokers dealing, focus on direct dealing .

    7. Quality

    There is no compromise on the quality of product . Quality product are very attracted to customer.
    shortly you face difficulties but on long run quality product are able to make space in the market .

    8. Target Market

    Production is based on the target market . In this context product improvement and sales can be increased .
    Target market is the better option to expand business . Without planning we can not survive .

    9. Technology

    Latest technology is advancement in the business . Now a days we are living in information age . Technology is the way to save the time. In a very short time we can generate more profit by increasing our production . Latest software and techniques make easy our work .

    11. After Sales Services

    After sales services are horizon to your business . In business strategies this agenda should not be neglected . because it is the single way to win the customer .
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