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Thread: Bitter melon good for diabetics

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    Bitter melon good for diabetics

    Bitter melon may reduce blood sugar levels in animals and human beings and help to fight diabetes and obesity.

    Bitter melon, also known as balsam pear and Momordica charantia, is a tropical vegetable widely eaten and used medically all over Asia. It is has certain constituents which when isolated from the vegetable help in treatment of diabetes and obesity.

    To investigate the benefits of bitter melon in fighting diabetes and obesity, Chinese researchers studied its constituents. These constituents exhibited a number of biological effects beneficial in treating diabetes and obesity. When tested in muscle and fat cells, the compounds promoted more effective glucose metabolism and had effects similar to those of insulin.

    It was noted that out of the 70 active compounds, cucurbitane triterpenoids, the main constituent of bitter melon, might become another class of therapeutic drugs for diabetes and obesity. The compounds were also found to be beneficial in stimulating glucose tolerance and fat burning.

    Thus, bitter melon might serve as an alternate to drugs available for treating diabetes and obesity.

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    cheers......sunny.................these articles r really helpful for me...............thanx for posting

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    hmm i never knew that it was good for obesity too...good post...

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