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Thread: Thank God!

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    well nowadays at home....
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    Thank God!

    The 80-year old neighbour lady was talking to her grocer. "Ohh, man!"

    What's wrong, Madam?"he asks.

    "I was thinking about myself this morning and I couldn't believe just how things have got worse now that I'm a senior citizen. I'm living with osteoporosis and my kidneys are so bad that I have to have regular dialysis. I have a terrible circulation in my feet and can't feel my toes. I've survived a triple-heart bypass operation and had both my hips replaced. I'm losing the sight in my right eye and my hearing is terrible. I've got a new left knee and the other one is deteriorating..................."

    "And thats not all. I'm also sure I'm suffering from senile dementia - I can't remeber whether I'm 73 or 79."

    "But I continue to survive-at a price! As a result of the 50 daily medications I live from day to day, I suffer from diarrhea, wind, and dizziness, and sometimes even blackouts. But, my dear man, thank God, I still have my driving license."


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    hmmmmmmm where is joke in this

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    LOL...the joke is that shes still DRIVING... = D

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