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Thread: Deepika sex pictures get Upen in trouble

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    Deepika sex pictures get Upen in trouble

    The sensational pictures that we revealed few days ago of Deepika Padukone getting into bed with Upen Patel have got the latter into a bit of bother as it has been rumoured that he may have deliberately released them to the media.

    The images are three years old and were part of a photo shoot. Now Upen is being blamed for circulating these pictures in a bid to revive the rumours of him and Deepika. Says a source close to Deepika, “Why are these pictures coming out now? After three years? Right now Deepika is hot property; it can’t be a con-incidence that these pictures are suddenly popping up in everyone’s mailboxes.”

    Upen has defended the allegations by being blissfully aware, “The pictures are something from the past. I don’t even remember them, if you know what I mean. I did some photo shoot with her for Wendell many years ago. Who ever is behind spreading these pictures has an agenda to spoil my image in the public eye but I am not at fault here.”


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