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Thread: 'U Me Aur Hum' moves Advani

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    'U Me Aur Hum' moves Advani

    BJP leader L K Advani was moved by the film 'U Me aur Hum' when he watched it at a special screening three days ago, bollywood actor Ajay Devgan who marks his debut as a director with the film, said on Tuesday.

    "There was a seven-minute standing ovation after the screening (in Delhi). Initially, I was wary of his opinion because I believe I have made an entertaining commercial film and was not sure what a person of his seniority in age would feel about it," Devgan told PTI here.

    In fact, after the screening, Devgan said Advani told him that during the course of the first half of the film, he too wondered why he was being shown the movie.

    "The first half was lighter, entertaining and the momentum picks up in the second half. As the story progressed, he said he was touched by the subject and the message I wanted to convey," the actor said.

    Devgan said his idea of filmmaking was blending sensibility into commerical cinema.

    "It is easy to make a niche film or a stupid commercial movie," he added.

    BJP spokesman Ravishankar Prasad, who is a close family friend, wanted to see the film and he invited the BJP leader for the screening, Devgan said.


    Devgan said he was not very nervous about the release of his first directorial venture, but happy that his labour of love is finally releasing.

    "What makes me happier is that the film's advance bookings are very good in Delhi and Punjab."

    Asked about his expectations from the film, Devgan said, "likes and dislikes are up to individual tastes. But, I can confidently say that audience will not call it a bad film."

    Replying to questions, Devgan said directing and acting at the same time is not a difficult task if one is clear about what he wants to visualise on the screen.

    "Only more hard work and concentration is required."

    On the use of 'helicam' in the film, he said it is for the first time that this technique was used in an Indian film.

    "Helicam was used because it was important to the story. I believe film making is all about story telling. Technique only enhances story telling," the actor said.

    Devgan said wife Kajol was always a good actress and now she understands cinema better. "Kajol's character in `U Me aur Hum' is the most difficult she has essayed so far. Apart from playing the lead in the film, she has also handled production and finances," the proud husband said.

    Devgan said he became an actor because his father (noted action director Veeru Devgan) wished so. "Otherwise, I always had a passion to be behind the camera. Filmaking came easily to me. I used to edit films with my father and made video films before assisting Shekhar Kapur."

    Devgan described 'U Me aur Hum' as an intense romantic story. "What makes a relationship click is when the two partners think as 'we' and 'us'. It is not about making your partner change according to your likes and dislikes but accept him or her just the way he or she is," he explained.

    Asked whether the reel love story depicted resembles real life love story with Kajol, the actor said, "the script has nothing to do with our real lives."

    "We never proposed to each other. We met, became friends and over time realised that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other."

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