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Thread: KTM X-Bow - New Lightweight Sports Car

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    KTM X-Bow - New Lightweight Sports Car

    The prototype of a new lightweight sports car at the coming Geneva Motor Show: the X-Bow.

    This compact, purist two-seater will have a carbon fibre chassis and a modern four-cylinder FSI turbo engine from Audi.

    Thanks to the basic versionís light weight and the 162 kW (220 hp) Audi TFSI engine, the performance values of the KTM X-Bow outstrip those of super-sport cars with more than twice the power: with a deadweight of approx. 700 kilos, the KTM X-Bow accelerates to 100 kph in just 3.9 seconds.

    The KTM X-Bow will be street homologated in accordance with European small series homologation regulations. But since the respective guidelines are defined differently throughout the EU, KTM currently anticipates standardising the X-Bow in the following countries: Germany, Finland, Greece, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Switzerland.

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    kool seems to be a repost but not sure

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