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Thread: My Dream.......

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    My Dream.......

    From morning till night in my thoughts
    Remembering our beginning
    When you woke me from my dream
    With a look you opened my soul

    I wanted to have you
    And to be eternally by my side
    When you awarded me your love
    You left a mark on my soul

    You are an angel and I sing for you
    You are an angel and I keep you inside me
    You are an angel who only for me
    Can stop time

    The road that I travel now
    Covered with roses and has no end
    But when I embrace you
    Two shadows become one of course

    My ordinary love
    Changed to extraordinary
    You are my gift of grace
    Id give all from my life


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    such a beautiful dream.................i pray that this dream will turn in to a sweet reality of your life

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    thanks dear

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    sho sweet da...really touching...lucky r those who get loved ones like this....

    i am happy u got one.....lucky guy

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    who is tat lucky person tell me toooooo

    its all such cool person in my life

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    u r very talented sweety... very coool poem

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    sweety4u Posted: April 07 2008 Post subject:


    who is tat lucky person tell me toooooo

    its all such cool person in my life
    tell na da i want to know who deleted my chance to steal ur heart

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    u only smiling...... seems my chance me guys here......mera number kab aayega

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