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Thread: Little One...........

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    Little One...........

    I don't know the address nor the number
    but where are you
    I remain forever yours
    but where are you

    Little one
    memories are killing me
    I'm ready to surrender
    crazy, rejected
    I'm living on memories

    Our hearts are full
    but morning wakes us up
    on the same bed
    and like a holiday
    our day begins
    kiss, hug
    we share happiness
    with smile and love
    too good
    dream is suddenly stopped

    Your heart's tenant
    and where are you
    Just a one time use thing
    and where are you

    Little one,
    I accept everything
    admit to being guilty
    hurt, defeated
    I'm living on memories

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    hmm nice one da...u should publish a book....and seems u rfalling in love

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    da,poets r romantic but no lover

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