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Thread: Symptoms And Solutions Of Back Injuries For Women

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    Symptoms And Solutions Of Back Injuries For Women

    Symptoms And Solutions Of Back Injuries For Women

    Injuries to the spine can cause paralysis, so first aides must treat suspected back injuries very carefully
    What are they?
    The spine, or backbone, protects the spinal cord, which controls many body functions. Back injuries can be caused by pinching or displacement of nerves, or by spinal fracture.
    Suspect a spinal injury after an awkward fall or awkward injury. Look for:

    Localized tenderness around the back or neck
    Shooting pains in casualty's limbs
    Limbs feeling heavy or tingling
    Loss of sensation in limbs below level of injury
    Breathing difficulties First aid aims
    Prevent further injury
    Get casualty to hospital
    Actions if casualty is conscious
    Do not attempt to move casualty
    Call 999
    Offer reassurance
    Steady and support casualty's head in your hands
    Actions if casualty is unconscious
    Check airway and breathing
    Place casualty in modified recovery position if you have help
    Actions if casualty stops breathing
    Call 999
    Open airway
    Check for breathing again
    Give resuscitation until help arrives
    Broken bones - child
    Broken bones always need professional attention, but there's action you can take immediately to help the casualty.
    Because children tend to put their arms out as they fall, arms, elbows and wrists are where breaks tend to occur.

    Intense pain
    Inability to use the limb
    Bruising or deformity at site of the break
    Actions - broken arm
    Sit child down
    Ask them to support injured arm with other hand
    Put a pad between arm and chest
    Put injured arm in a sling
    Place a broad-fold bandage over sling and around arm and chest
    Take child to hospital
    Actions - broken leg
    Lay child down and support leg at ankle and knee joints - by hand if an ambulance is expected soon, or on a chair if not Steady injured leg with padding
    Put rolled-up blankets outside injured limb and between legs
    Keep child warm

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