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    Guide: "I welcome you all to Niagara Falls. These are the world's largest waterfalls and the sound intensity of the waterfall is so high, even 20 supersonic planes passing by can't be heard.
    Now may I request the ladies to keep quite so that we can hear the Niagara Falls?"

    Girl: When we get married, I want to share all your worries, troubles and lighten your burden.
    Boy: It's very kind of you, darling, But I don't have any worries or troubles.
    Girl: Well that is because we aren't married yet.

    A newly married man asked his wife, "Would you have married me if my father hadn't left me a fortune?"
    "Honey," the woman replied Sweetly,
    "I'd have married you NO MATTER WHO LEFT YOU A FORTUNE"

    Father to son after exam: "let me see your report card."
    Son: "My friend just borrowed it. He wants to scare his parents."

    A teacher asked her class for sentences using the word "beans"..
    My Father grows beans," said one student. "My father cooks beans," said another.
    Then little Johnny spoke up: "We are all human beans."

    Interviewer to Millionaire: To whom do you owe your success as a millionaire?"
    Millionaire: "I owe everything to my wife."
    Interviewer: "Wow, she must be some woman.
    Interviewer: "What were you before you married her?"
    Millionaire: "A Billionaire"

    Its funny when people discuss over "love marriage" and "arranged marriage"
    It is like asking a person if he would like to "hang himself" or "shoot himself".

    What is a girl friend?
    Addition of problems, subtraction of money, multiplication of enemies & division of friends.

    As a old man was driving down the freeway, his car phone rang.
    Answering, he heard his wife's voice urgently warning him,
    "Herman, I just heard on the news that there's a car going the wrong way on Route 280. Please be careful!"
    "It's not just one car," said Herman, "It's hundreds of them!"

    Why do men chase women they have no intention of marrying?
    For the same reason dogs chase cars they have no intention of driving.

    What's the definition of lawyer?
    The larval form of a politician

    Q - What is the Difference Between Mother & Wife ?
    A - One Woman Brings U into this world crying... & the other ensures U Continue to do so.

    Wife : Honey ...... What are You Looking for ?
    Husband : Nothing.
    Wife : Nothing...?? U've been reading our marriage certificate 4 an hour ...??
    Husband : I was just looking 4 the expiry date.

    Papa : beta har parai stri ko apni Maa samjho to tumhara character thik ho jaaega.....
    Beta : Lekin Papa fir Aap ke character ka kya hoga....???

    Mayawati came to Lalu's House with a Goat.....
    Lalu : Bhaiswa ko kyun Layi ho....??
    Maya : Dikhta nahi, Goatwa hai..??
    Lalu : Hum Goatwa se hi Puch raha Hun..!!

    Teacher : Correct the sentence, "A bull and a cow is grazing in the field"
    Student : A cow and a bull is grazing in the field
    Teacher : How?
    Student : Ladies first.


    1st thief : Oh ! The police is here. Quick! Jump out of the window!
    2nd thief : But this is the 13th floor.
    1st thief : Hurry! this is no time for superstitions

    They say that when a man holds a woman's hand before marriage, it is love; after marriage it is self-defense

    It takes thousand workers to build a castle , Million soldiers to protect a country
    BUT Just ONE woman to make a Happy HOME! Let's Thank ......KAAMWALI

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    gud jokeya!

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