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Thread: 10 commandments of being a teenager:

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    10 commandments of being a teenager:

    1. Thou shall not sneak out when there parents are sleeping (why wait?)

    2. Thou shall not do drugs (alochol lasts longer)

    3. Thou shall not steal from K-mart (Walmart has a bigger selection)


    4. Thou shall not get arrested for vandalism (destructon has a bigger effect)

    5. Thou shall not steal from their parents (everyone knows Grandma has more money)

    6. Thou shall not get into fights (start them)

    7. Thou shall not skip class (take the whole day off)

    8. Thou shall not go to strip clubs (Hooters has better food)

    9. Thou shall not think about having sex (like Nike says... just do it)

    10. Thou shall not help old ladies cross the street (leave them in the middle)

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