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Thread: Salman-Katrina still together and in love

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    Salman-Katrina still together and in love

    Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif better known as Bollywood’s bold and beautiful couple are still very much together and in love.

    The latest buzz of the couple heading for splitsville is nothing more than just another tiny rumour of the tinsel town. The news of Salman allegedly slapping Katrina in public at a Mumbai restaurant, followed a series of unconfirmed reports of the actor seeing another woman and Katrina going apartment hunting.

    Though Salman decided not to comment on the subject, Katrina snubbed aside the slapping incident as just a silly rumour. But then again, the actor’s absence for the premiere of Katrina starrer ‘Race’ sparked further speculations.


    But wait... do not arrive at conclusions so fast. We are told that Salman had a very strong reason for not being present at the premier. The actor was not in India, as he was busy shooting for his upcoming flick ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’. Though he was not present at the premier his entire family went to show their support and admiration for their potential bahu rani…

    And Katrina has all the good things to say about Sallu’s family:

    “Salman`s mother is a lovely lady and has a lot of integrity. So are his sisters. It`s a wonderful family that cares for me a lot. I bond with them very well.”

    However, a topic that has come up time and again into the spotlight and is thought to be the main reason causing a rift between the couple is that Katrina and Salman don’t have the same on-screen chemistry, as she and her ‘Namastey London’ co-star, Akshay share.

    Katrina who feels otherwise says, “People like my on-screen chemistry with Akshay, but I feel Salman and I look superb and stunning on screen.”

    The real life couple will be seen romancing on the screen in their yet to be released flick, ‘Yuvraaj’. Subash Ghai, who is not only the director of ‘Yuvraaj’, but also a close family friend of the Khans says, "Salman and Katrina are very much together. In fact Katrina dons the role of a perfect host at all Salman’s parties."

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