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Thread: If your husband is cheating on you

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    If your husband is cheating on you

    Have you ever wondered if your husband is cheating on you? Has he cheated on you before and are you wondering if he is cheating on you again?

    One grim reality that a lot of women don't want to face is that any husband can cheat on their wives. This statement runs counter to romantic notions of faithful and singular love, but evidence from countless years of observation indicate that it is true.

    The smart wife will take this fact with a grain of salt and keep her eyes open for signs of cheating. The first clear sign is usually easy to spot if you have been paying attention. This has to do with sudden changes of routine. For instance, is he coming home later than usual or leaving the office for extended periods of time.


    The sudden onset of overtime is usually what first leads most wives to suspect their husbands of cheating. But from there, a lot of wives are afraid to go any further. They think up of rationalizations to convince themselves that their husbands aren't going astray. They close their eyes to other signs until the truth is blatantly staring them in the eyes. Most wives are uncomfortable playing the role of detective and snooping on their husbands. On this regard, psychologists advice wives to start gradually. Begin with the obvious, they counsel. Check his car for signs such as strands of hair that don't belong to you. Check his shirts for lipstick stains. Make a conscious effort to check if he has the smell of an unfamiliar perfume.

    Keep your eyes and ears open. Does he suddenly take frequent business trips that take him away for days or weeks? Does he usually say that he's tired or that he's had a long day when he comes home from the office and you want to speak with him. Does he evade direct questions or have difficulty looking you straight in the eyes when he tries to answer them? If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions, chances are that he is indeed cheating on you.

    Other signs include frequent phone calls on his cell, frequent calls at home where the caller hangs up when you answer, late-night phone calls that make your husband move to the next room, going online late at night when you've gone to bed, suddenly dressing better on a regular basis, carrying a condom when you're on the pill, sudden changes in your sex life, say, he suddenly feels uncomfortable of is suddenly more aggressive or passionate.

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