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    Love .......

    Love begins with a smile...!
    Endures with happiness...!
    And dies with a tear...!!

    When it hurts to look back and...!
    I am scared to look ahead...!
    I just look beside me and...!
    I know you'll be there...!
    because we love each other...!
    Far more than love itself...!!

    You care for me in all the ways...!
    I want and need so much...!
    I have felt your warmth and tenderness with every word and touch...!

    Your love is the song in my heart...!
    The sunshine in my sky...!
    The promise of my world...!
    The centre of my universe...!!

    Roses are red...! And sky is blue...!
    But you don't know...! How much I LOVE U...!!

    Sometimes you have not even begun to speak, and I am at the end to what you are saying.

    I Promised my Heart...that this was the last time...!
    I would hurt it...and you came along...Again I broke a promise...!

    As long as I have waited....and as long as I know.....that I will wait.
    I still cant seem to I feel for you.

    For it was not into my ear you whispered...but my heart...!
    it was not my feelings you was my soul!!

    Sometimes I wonder would be like if I never meet you...
    because one year down the line...I have never loved anybody else...
    as much as I love you...I love you more than life itself.

    Only true Love Understands...The Language Of Our Eyes...
    Only True Love Knows When...These Eyes Hide The Tears...
    Deep Within And How To...Make These Tears Die!!

    It takes a minute to have a crush on hour to like someone...!
    And a day to love someone...!
    But it takes a lifetime to forget someone...!

    When your heart bleeds tears. Then you will know it is love...!!!

    I love my love...but...I know my love doesn't love me.

    Valentine's day is a wonderful...way to make I Love you easy to say.


    Life is a 'Flower'...For which Love is the 'Honey'.

    You are my dear...together we have nothing to fear...!
    For together we will always be... I'm so lucky if you chose me...!
    My heart forever will be true...!
    I think.......I'm in LOVE with you..!!

    God has given us 24 hours to spent a day...!
    8 hours to sleep, 8 hours to work and 8 hours to spent time with our family...!
    But I spend the 24 hours thinking of you...!!

    When a person falls in love, He accepts the impossibilities...!!!

    Shortest word is I.
    Sweetest word is LOVE.
    Cutest person is U.

    If you really love to someone...
    Then always wait for him / her till sun and moon finish.

    Love is the answer that every one seeks.
    Love is the language that every heart speaks.

    Forgive my eyes for admiring stole my heart...!
    From the moment you looked at me crazy, call me insane...!
    Each time my heart calls out your name...!!


    Nature can forget Roses...And Roses can forget Dew...
    But, never ever think...That I can forget you...!!

    Before meeting you I was nothing...!
    You taught me everything...!
    Now I have become something...!
    But I need you and your love in each and in every moment of my life...!!

    L Before O, And V Before E.
    That is the relation between U and ME.

    Misers Love Money...Flowers Love Dew...Bees Love Honey...!
    As I love You...!!

    The ring is round...It has no end ...!
    And My Love for you...will never end...!!

    Sun shines in the day...Moon shines in the night...!
    But you shine in my heart every day and night...!!

    For the world, you are someone...But for someone you are the world...!!


    Some broken hearts never mend...!
    Some memories never end...!
    Some tears will never dry...!
    But my love for you never dies...!!

    Start the day with love...!
    Spend the day with love...!
    Fill the day with love...!
    That must be the way you love...!!

    I love dreaming...Because I am being loved in my dreams...!!

    If one should love...They should love you for what you are...!!

    Friendship often ends in love, but love in friendship - NEVER...!!

    Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it...!!

    "Love is like playing the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules...!
    Then you must forget the rules and play from your heart...!!

    Immature Love says: I Love you because I need you.
    Mature Love says: I need you because I Love you...!!

    Your love is the song in my heart.
    The sunshine in my sky.
    The promise of my world.
    The centre of my universe...!!

    Written in pen
    Sealed with a kiss
    If you love me, please answer this:

    Do you love me or do you not?
    You told me once, but I forgot,
    so tell me now and tell me true,
    so I can tell you...I Love You!
    Of all the girls I've ever met,
    you are the one I won't forget.
    And if I die before you do,
    I'll go to heaven and wait for you.
    If you are not there by Judgment Day,
    I'll know you went the other way.
    I'll give the angels back their wings,
    and risk the loss of everything.
    Just to prove my love is true,
    I'll go to hell, just to be with you..!!

    What is love without two people in it?
    What is a world with out people?
    What am I without you?
    I love and miss you.

    The essential sadness is to go through life without loving.
    But it would be almost equally sad to leave this world without ever telling those you love.

    If you love something set it free.
    if it returns it was meant to be.
    if it does not then it was never yours to begin with.

    "If a hug represented how much I loved you...!
    I would hold you in my arms forever...!!

    We do not love people because they are beautiful,
    But they seem beautiful to us because we love them...!

    Love cannot be explained...
    It can only be experienced...!

    I never knew how to worship until I knew how to love...!!

    When you say, "I love you", mean it...!!

    Believe in love at first sight...!!

    Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt
    But it's the only way to live life completely...!!

    True Love is like ghosts which everyone talks about...
    but few have seen...!!!!

    We cant really love anybody,
    with whom we never laugh.
    Once U can laugh..U can Love...!!

    Never Let Love gets the best of you...!
    But U should always try to get the...
    BEST OF LOVE...!!

    If U have the courage to love...!
    You have the courage to suffer...!!!

    Love is seeing Yourself in someone's eyes
    And finding yourself in Somebody's heart...!!!

    Love is when you take away
    the feeling, the passion, the romance..
    and you find out..
    you still care for the person...!!

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    wah wah wah wah!!!! awesome.. kya baath hai!!!!!!!!

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    good i appriciate that
    keep it on

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    nice..i read all these at loud..

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