The normally cheerful Sameera Reddy sounded nervous when we finally pinned her down for an interview. In town to attend an event, Sameera exuded vivacity and warmth and took time out for Ahmedabad Times even in the middle of her gruelling schedule.

After playing the glam bimbette in Race , she’s also doing comedy in a new film. From the big screen sex symbol to experimenting as an actress, what has made Sameera move away from the ‘item songs’? The 20-something says she doesn’t like the word ‘item songs’ and would rather we call it “dance numbers. An item number is something that you are doing for a film, in which you have no other role to play.” Sameera, who is romancing senior actors like Anil Kapoor in Race and Paresh Rawal in One Two Three feels she is not bothered at all with the pairing. “It’s the role that’s important. You will find it funny if I say so, but I think Pareshji is quite hot. It’s better to act and do something substantial opposite senior actors than just be decorative pieces opposite good-looking younger actors.” A close relative of business tycoon Vijay Mallya, Sameera was planning to move to production. Is that true? “Nah, I have too many things on my plate. At this stage I don’t want to extend my brand into a full-fledged business.”

What she likes least about the glamour business is the constant pressure to look good! “They expect us to dress like red carpet celebs even at 5 am! I want to start a personal campaign for women who are under this pressure to look good 24/7.” With limitations to every profession, she feels there is a line to be drawn in the glam world too. She no longer wants to flaunt skin and wants to be “less of a glam doll.” A power yoga expert, Sameera feels celebs don’t need PR to promote themselves anymore, since they are constantly under the spotlight. Having acted in two Bengali films, she is now looking forward to her animation film Mahayuddha Ram and Red Alert . In Red Alert she plays the role of a Naxalite.

She has favourites when it comes to actors and finds, “Ranbir (Kapoor) very cool and Hrithik Roshan a challenge to dance with. I am also a big fan of Akshay Kumar and look forward to working with him some day.”


When it comes to her personal life, Sameera likes to keep it closely guarded. She has ‘fairy-tale’ notions about love and wants her Prince Charming to woo her in style and wants a “happily-ever-after” ending in her life. And on that note, our chat is over and she rushes for a typical week of work that will take her around the country.