Jiah Khan who made her debut with Nishabd and is also known for lovely long tresses (she claims Orlando Bloom complimented her on her beautiful hair) has finally chopped them off. The reason is her latest co-star Shahid Kapoor. Shahid insisted that Jiah should opt for a different look. Shahid and Jiah are working together in Ken Ghosh’s next flick.

Jiah who is starring in Ghajini along with Aamir Khan was required to have long hair for her role, but being a very big fan of Shahid she couldn’t say no to him. Shahid took her to his hair stylist Dilshad Pastakia and got her a haircut. Shahid was very happy with the result.

Sacrificing your hair for Shahid, what next Jiah? Learn to say ‘ NO’ girl!