Nilüfer Yumlu is a Turkish pop singer known as Nilüfer.

In 1992, one of her biggest hits, Show Yapma, included in Yine Yeni Yeniden album. Also Kar Taneleri (1984, Nilüfer '84), Mor Menekşe (1988, Esmer Günler), Esmer Günler (1988, Esmer Günler), Eğrisi Doğrusu (1994, Ne Masal Ne Rüya), Mavilim (1997, Nilüfer'le) and Dünya Dönüyor (1998, Yeniden Yetmişe) are her well-known hits.

Together with the band Nazar, she represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest 1978, where she shared 18th place with Seija Simola from Finland. Since 1997 she has been Turkey's National Ambassador to UNICEF.In 1998, she was awarded the honorary title of State Artist of Turkey.

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