Kim Jong-Il, the Supreme Leader of North Korea who has been their absolute leader for the past 37 years, has died of sudden heart attack, according to DPRK Central News officially reported.
Kim Jong-Il inherited his father's power as a 33 year old in 1974, and since Kim Il-Sung's death in 1997, he has been a leader with an absolute authority with his "military-first politics", "the march of suffering", "The Father Leader's North Korean Laws", and "The Strongest Nation philosophy" for decades.
As expected, the international community is taking this news of his death with a distanced reaction.
Certain Internet users and Chinese users are expressing doubt and cynicism towards his death. And there are many rumors about possible coup d'etat or internal fight for power, since the power transfer from the father to the son has not been completed yet.
No nation should use this confusion to their advantage and try to take over the regime. North Korea must use this opportunity to give up nuclear weapons and become more cooperative with the international community to calm its politics and social confusion.