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Thread: Natural Hair Coloring Tips

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    Natural Hair Coloring Tips

    Here are some natural methods to color your hair:

    Ingredients needed

    * Henna (natural)- 1 cup
    * Dried Gooseberry powder- 1 tbsp
    * Coconut oil or olive oil - 2 tsp
    * Tea decoration

    Boil 1 heaped tsp of tea powder in 200 ml of water until it reduces to half the quantity. Strain the decoction.

    Mix henna, gooseberry powder, oil and tea decoction together and leave it overnight in an iron vessel.


    Apply it to the scalp in the morning .Remain for 1 hour and wash it off.

    For dark brown shade, mix half a teaspoon cloves powder (or powder 3-4 cloves) in the morning to the mixture.

    For silky hair, beat an egg and add to the henna paste in the morning.
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    2.Soak a cup of red henna powder (natural) in half a cup of hot water in an iron vessel and leave it overnight.

    The next morning add 1 tbsp of coffee powder (pure) to it for a deeper color.

    Apply to the scalp in the morning, remain for 1 hour and wash it off.

    For silky hair, beat an egg and add to the henna paste in the morning.

    Henna Mahogany produces a golden brown shade.

    3.Do not go for chemical hair dyes as they might cause allergies. Mix sikkakai with juice of 1 beetroot and wash your hair with this mixture .Do this regularly once in a week.

    4.For healthy hair

    Mix 50 grams of dried amla (gooseberry) in 500 ml gingerly oil or coconut oil and boil it. Cool it, filter it and use that oil for healthy hair.

    Mix 50 grams of dried amla in 500 ml coconut oil. Keep it in a glass bottle or glass jar with a tight lid. Keep the glass jar containing the mixture in the sun for 15 days .The oil turns black in color. Strain the oil and use it .This oil not only gives a black color to your hair, but also stops hair fall.

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    Wow... These are really great tips. I appreciate your effort.

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    ....really good post..thankyou...

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    nice but i think its useful for girls more then boys

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