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Thread: Amazing Species on Earth

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    Amazing Species on Earth

    The great grey owl (Strix nebulosa) is one the largest in the world and in North America it is the tallest owl with the largest wingspan. Yet there are other owls that weigh more and have bigger feet.

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    Scientists have made a thrilling discovery of three new species of salamander in a remote forest reserve in Costa Rica. Two of the species are nocturnal, belonging to the Bolitoglossa genus, while the third is a dwarf variety from the Nototriton family, growing to little longer than a thumbnail. The three new finds bring the number of Costa Rican salamanders known to science to a total of 43.

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    The bluespotted chromis (Chromis dasygenys) , Fish defend nest, belongs to one of the biggest reef fish families, the damselfishes.
    Damselfishes are small, oval fish which vary in colour depending on the species. They feed on zooplankton or algae.

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    Bossy emperor snapper
    As a juvenile the emperor snapper (Lutjanus sebae) is clearly marked with bands of red or black and white. The stripes fade and the adult fish is reddish overall. It can grow to 1m (39in) in length and is a reef predator with a bold temperament.

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    Zebra shark in Mozambique Dec 6 2007
    The zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) is a highly distinctive looking fish, particularly because of its long tail and dark brown spots on a yellowish to brown background. It is this adult colouring that gives it the alternative name of leopard shark. The juvenile zebra shark has stripes, hence the common name.

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    Elk (Cervus elaphus) are also known by their Cree name, “wapiti”, which means “light-coloured deer”, and are the second-largest deer species in the world, after the moose.

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    nice facts

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