My dear Friends why are we celebrating our own foolishness, our own downfall, why?

With regard to ;April Fool; the origin of this lying is not known for sure. There are differing opinions concerning that:-


Some of the kuffaar call this day All Fools Day, as it is known to the English. That is because of the lies that they tell so that those who hear them might believe them and thus become a victim for those who are making fun of him.

When the Muslims ruled Spain, approximately one thousand years ago, they were a force that could not be destroyed. The western Christians wished that they could wipe Islam from the face of the earth, and they succeeded to some extent.

They tried to limit the spread of Islam in Spain and to put an end to it, but they did not succeed. They tried numerous times and never succeeded. After that, the kuffaar sent their spies to Spain to study and find out the secret of the Muslims strength which could not be defeated. They discovered that adhering to taqwa (piety or consciousness of Allaah) was the reason.

When the Christians found the power of the Muslims strength, they started thinking of strategies to break this power. So they started sending alcohols and cigarettes to Spain free of cost.

This tactic on the part of the west produced results, and the faith of the Muslims began to weaken, especially among the young generation in Spain.

The result of that was that the western Catholic Christians subdued the whole of Spain bringing an end to the Muslim rule of that land which had lasted for more than eight hundred years. The last fall of the Muslims was the Grenada (Ghornata) fall which was on the 1st of April.

From that year until the present, they celebrate this day and consider the Muslims to be fools. They do not regard only the army at Granada to be fools who are easily deceived, rather they apply that to the entire Muslim ummah. It is ignorant of us to join in these celebrations, and when we imitate them blindly in implementing this evil idea, this is a kind of blind imitation which confirms the foolishness of some of us in following them.

We have seen how Islam forbids lying even in jest, and it forbids frightening a Muslim whether in seriousness or in jest, in words or in actions. This is the law of Allah in which is wisdom and care for people's circumstances.

Abd-Allaah ibn Masood said: ;It is not correct to tell lies whether in jest or in seriousness,; then ;Abd-Allaah recited the aayah (interpretation of the meaning) :O you who believe! Be afraid of Allah, and be with those who are true
(in words and deeds) [al-Tawbah 9:119]

After knowing this reality, let us make a promise to ourselves never to celebrate this day. We have to learn from the Spanish and adhere to the reality of Islam and never allow our faith to be weakened again.

And Allah is the Source of Strength.