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Thread: Tightest Parallel Car Park II - GWR Video of the Week

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    Tightest Parallel Car Park II - GWR Video of the Week

    In this special installment of Video of the Week, we take a look back at some past attempts, as well as the new current recolder.
    The tightest parallel parking measured 24 cm (9.45 in) and was achieved by Zhang Hua (China) of the Chery Car Stunts Performance
    Team at Zhengzhi Driving School, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China, on 21 July 2011.

    This is the new Guinness record for tightest parallel parking


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    German Ronny "C-Rock" Wechselberger made parallel parking history earlier this year when he flipped his Volkswagen Polo
    into a spot approximately 26 centimeters (10.24 inches) longer than his car without crashing. It beat the old record by just one centimeter.

    The move wasn't made with advanced geometry, but instead with the use of a handbrake and a little maneuver we like to call the J-turn.
    Though the record was broken in April the folks at Guinness just released the video today.

    It's quite the impressive bit of precision driving until you find out that the new record was likely broken six months later
    by a driver in China who goes by the name Zhang Hua who apparently did it in just 24 centimeters.

    Multiple parallel parking experts share their advice for flawlessly parallel parking your car.

    Tips :

    * Be careful not to cut it too soon or too quickly, as this will result in being too far away from the curb.
    It is much harder to adjust your position in a space when you are too far away from the curb as opposed to being too close.

    * If you are parking in an area with shops, take advantage of the eventual reflection of your car in shop windows.

    * When backing up and lining up the cars, look in the driver's side mirror, and use the sides of the cars to know
    exactly how far your car has gone in towards the curb. I.e. how closely you've aligned them. That view of the sides
    of the cars (your car and the one behind you) offers a good easy view and check to know that you've positioned the car correctly.
    In particular, the side of your car above the rear wheels offers the best, most accurate view of where exactly your car is.

    Warning :

    * When you are turning the wheel, try to always be moving, even if you are just inching forward/backwards, to prevent stress on your steering components.

    * Holding the wheel at an extreme of the turn range, which may produce noise, for more than a few seconds may be bad for a power steering system.

    * If you have fancy wheels or hubcaps, particularly with narrow "low-profile" tires or not dished within a protective rim,
    avoid pulling very close to a curb against which you might scrape them.

    * When in doubt, play it safe. Don't risk hitting the car behind you or in front of you. If traffic conditions permit,
    you might be able to put the car in park, get out and see how much space you have left. Often it's more than it looks from the mirrors.

    Learn by watching this video , How to park the car parallel

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    unable to view the video clip

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