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Thread: Train Escape Magic by BABA

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    Train Escape Magic by BABA

    The great 95 yearold man's magic

    This attitude is too much risky , because so many people commit such type of mistakes are dangerous .

    We have to avoid and stop the peoples to do this .

    In this way , we can reduce the tarin accidents , some people do this intentially and some done unintentially .

    yet , who ever do this , our responsibilty is to stop the peoples by setting examples infront of them with patience and care .

    All over the world train accidents happen like the same way due to careless attitude of peoples .


    Always slow down your car befor crossing .

    Watch both side of crossing, while we are crossing the railway track .

    Stop your car when you watch the tarin near or far , even you think that you are able to cross the track before the train reach there .

    After that it is our responsibility to stop other people if they want to cross the track to save the precious life .
    In this way we can educate and save the peopl from train accidents .

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    Accidents at Rail Crossing :

    Mostly accidents occour in the day light , due to automatic warning device or signals , secondly drivers are most important cause of accident .

    Accidents happen when we underestimate the speed of up comming the train .

    May be driver is unable to judge the speed of train and unable to view the approaching train .

    We judge the large object(Train) moving slower than smaller objects (car) and we encounter while crossing .

    Drivers miss the objects when they are busy in communicating with passangers and met an accident.

    Beams are also cause of accidents due to batteries failure and power is not available to turn on the lights .

    Weather also caus of an accident due to storm and fog in on the track .

    Some time , Vehicales are also stopped in the middle of the trcks due to failure of working .

    Magbazar Rail Crossing Accident LIVE
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    another example of truck

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