Actor Bipasha Basu is being held in high regard these days, except by some K's (Kareena and Katrina) of the industry. But the actress doesn't quite care! After all she stood tall in the recently released Race and was miles ahead of her contemporaries, Katrnia Kaif and Sameera Reddy, as far as acting is concerned.

From the voluptuous sensuous avatar in Jism to the new found athletic stature which came about during the days of Dhoom 2 , Bipasha has had an interesting career. Having worked with Mr. Realistic Filmmaker, Madhur Bhandarkar (in Corporate ), to the very commercial Abbas-Mustan (in Race ), the girl will soon be seen in an arty flick, titled Pankh , and then of course Ben Kingsley's period drama Taj Mahal . Trying her hands at all genres, Bipasha is one actor who hasn't been typecast into one monotonous mould.

And then there is of course her love life that makes people take her to be serious. Unlike many others in the industry, she isn't flitting and losing her heart to one and all. She and boyfriend John have been in a steady relationship for years now, with a few hiccups in between. But even when not all was right between the two, Bipasha proved that she can wow any man. Her friendship with international soccer player Ronaldo was much talked about, and her link-up with Saif also made her one 'loose character', till she and John got back together, stronger and more in love.

This has helped Bipasha attain an image of being a stable human being as consistent in pyar as she is in box office successes. Never mind international fame Bips was the guest of honour at the Seven Wonders of the World unveiling the actress is doing much for herself even on the regional front. The actress is increasingly being seen in Bengali films, Rituparna Ghosh' for example, and gaining popularity within her own community as well.


Calling a spade a spade, having her feet firmly on the ground, and her head on her shoulders, Bipasha is in the reckoning and finds herself in the league of ace actors. Besides her acting talent, the lady is looking like a million bucks and that could well be her bank balance as well. With several film offers coming her way, we warn, one and all, that the Race isn't over yet!