Yashraj Films ’ forthcoming venture Tashan not only required the acting credentials of Kareena Kapoor but also a change in her looks.

Kareena started losing weight for the film and since then, her size zero has attracted much attention.
Kareena is quoted as saying in a report, “Before this film started I knew that for this character to look different than what I have done before, I have to train really hard to kind of change the shape of my body.”

“A lot of actresses abroad do that, they work on one film at a time, change their look for a particular film body wise as well, people lose weight or put on weight as required for the character. For 'Tashan' it was a conscious effort to change my body structure and work towards it because I wanted to look lean. The character involves a lot of action, and I think a lean girl doing action always looks much better.”

“I trained really hard for about eight to nine months and was on a strict diet regime because that’s the only way this will look different from every other film. The response has been phenomenal. I am actually enjoying it and have got used to it.”


Scheduled to release on April 25, 'Tashan' also stars Anil Kapoor , Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan .