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Thread: Lumus Video Glasses

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    Lumus Video Glasses

    An Israeli optics company , Lumus Ltd develops a minature projector that turns regular glasses into a personal video .

    These are transparent glasses , we can easily watch the mails,presentation , videos ,and movies .

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    The black boxes on the side of the glasses receive a video signal that is relayed to the lenses via fiber optic cables.

    Yaacov Amitay
    CEO, Lumus Ltd.


    "Connectivty to the cell phone , iphone and then use the video signal ,
    watch the videos and movies on a vide screen at the distance of 2-3 meters "

    Although the video image is clear to the wearer the glasses appear normal to anyone else .

    Apart from the large black boxes on the sides , obviously .

    As well as watching video , the glasses would also have various other applications.

    Ari Grobman
    Business Developer Manager ,
    Lumus Ltd.

    "NObody knows what are you watching , wear the glasses and watch emails ,
    videos and movies just clicking the button of your mobile in your pocket ."

    The company hopes the device will also eventully helps drivers navigate via GPS.

    A new pair of glasses from Lumus won't help you capture any precious moments, but it will help you get your discreet HBO fix.

    Unlike most video headgear, these marvels will let you peer past their lens-projected view screens, opening the door to an

    augmented reality that doesn't rely on miniature displays. The lenses create an 87-inch virtual screen viewed from 10 feet

    that is only experienced by the individual wearing the headgear, onlookers will only see a pair of odd spectacles.

    1080p buffs won't be pleased to know that the this set of specs can only do 720p, but the Israeli company has said that

    a full-HD flavor is in the works. The bifocals won't be hitting retail shelves anytime soon, but we'll be sure to take them

    for a spin during CES next month. Hit the video after the break, which includes visuals of an earlier prototype in action.
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    Unmatched benefits for mobile display viewers

    *Lumus’ breakthrough LOE technology offers a range of unmatched benefits in the world of mobile displays:
    *Unobtrusive, natural look and feel of regular eyeglasses, which can be worn all day, even when screen is off
    *Huge expandable screen with image appearing even larger over distance
    *Situational awareness enabling watching on the go while seeing what's going on around you
    *Hands-free flow of critical data keeping you constantly connected no matter what you are doing
    *Personal and private screen allowing discreet viewing of video and data anywhere
    *Augmented reality content overlaid on what you see enabling revolutionary applications

    Typical applications

    *Enjoy a TV show or video alone, at home or on the go
    *Catch the news while on a break
    *Never miss a broadcast of your favorite sports
    *View critical content (emails, text messages, attachments or Internet) inconspicuously during meetings
    *Give a speech without looking down at notes
    *Watch stock tickers throughout the day
    *Play a video game anywhere in 3D combined with Augmented Reality

    Optical Engine Module (for OEM)

    The Optical Engine Module consists of Lumus’ core optical components – the LOE and the micro-display pod -
    for integration by device manufactures into branded products. Currently available as a sub-assembled Lumus Optical Engine module,
    it enables manufacturers to incorporate their unique branding, industrial design, and electronics to bring to market their own distinctive, Lumus-enabled products.


    The Lumus Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) is a unique, ultra-thin lens design that embeds miniature, see-through elements in front of the eye.
    The LOE offers the following benefits:

    * Ultra-thin form factor (1.6 mm), enabling flexibility in aesthetics, weight and design

    * True see-through, enabling a natural look and a range of applications

    * Reflective optics providing a pure, unadulterated image

    * Large eye-motion, enabling wearer to see image even as eyes move

    * Expandable Field-of-View (FOV) without increasing the thickness of the LOE

    Micro-Display Pod

    The Lumus Micro-Display Pod is a mini projector embedded in the temple of the eyeglasses to receive the image content
    from a video source and project it into the side of the LOE. Each Pod includes an LCD and light source subassembly
    which requires an image source (typically from a mobile device) and electricity. The Pod offers the following benefits:

    * Small form factor, enabling discreet positioning of Pods in the temples of the frame and the design of natural looking and stylish eyewear

    * Optimal weight distribution achieved through positioning of the Pods on the sides, thereby eliminating the awkward, uncomfortable and unhealthy
    front-heaviness typical of conventional personal displays where the weight is centered in front of the eyes, creating nose and neck strain

    * Stereoscopic imaging using a dual-display configuration, allowing Lumus-enabled products to offer a 3D viewing experience

    * Viewing comfort possible through the dual-display configuration which enables full control over the angle of convergence –
    the angle at which the images viewed from each eye converge into one, thus enabling the mind to perceive one coherent image appearing at a distance.
    With this angle optimized, wearers can comfortably view content for hours without any fatigue or dizziness.

    source =

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