Post, Race, Saif Ali Khan's career is racing ahead and is on a roll, but besides that, what was more bizarre was when he recently refused a lucrative, whopping 30 crore deal offered to him by a leading corporate houses.

"Just after the release of Race, a leading corporate house approached him with a 30 crore deal, but to their surprise, he turned down the offer saying, he's not interested in money right now and what he's looking for is good work. Money can and never will come in the way of his good work. He has never run after money and after the super duper success of Race (the biggest opening after Om Shanti Om) in recent time, he knows, big offers will keep pouring in, but he's extremely cautious about the kind of work he should take up," says a friend of the actor.

And when we asked Saif for his comments, he admitted that he turned down the offer as he doesn't want to take up more work. And he has always believed in doing 2 or 3 films in a year. "I have been taken seriously now and they say I'm salable actor, I choose to believe this. I'm serious enough to be signed with lots of money and interesting performances, that's all what I want. I will continue to do films at my pace and that's why I have got into production. The objective is to make commercial, highly entertaining and challenging movies," he says.

So unlike other actors, Saif's sapna is not money money, what say?