Amrita TV has been using the copyright content of T-Series without obtaining proper license from Super Cassettes Industries Ltd[SCIL]. Inspite of repeated requests from T-Series to obtain the rights no steps has been taken.. As a result T-Series, to protect its copyright, moved the high court of Delhi.

T-Series had been requesting Amrita TV to obtain take license like all other satellite TV channels for using SCIL contents in its programs. A legal notice was also sent by T-Series inspite of which Amrita TV continued to infringe the copyright of T-Series and continued broadcast their contents without license.

In a lawsuit filed by T-Series in the Delhi High Court on March 12, which issued a notice to Amrita TV, in the interim restrained Amrita TV and its officers, servants, agents and representatives from using literary and/or musical works of SCIL in which SCIL has a copyright. Amrita TV cannot use the content without obtaining license from SCIL.


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