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Thread: Five rules to be happy.

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    Five rules to be happy.

    1. Free your heart from hatred.
    2. Free your mind from worries.
    3. Live simply.
    4. Give more.
    5. Expect less.

    What the heart gives away is never gone... It is kept in the hearts of others. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risks. Secure a special place in your heart. A certain place only you can enter. For there will come a time when you need to find yourself and only your heart will show you the way.

    The measure of love is when you love without measure. In life there are very rare chances that you'll meet the person you love and loves you in return. So once you have it don't ever let go, the chance might never come your way again.

    People are made to be loved and things are made to be used. That's why there's so much chaos in the world... people are being used and things are being loved.
    You cannot finish a book without closing its chapters. If you want to go on, then you have to leave the past as you turn the pages of life.

    Every commitment is a choice. Non-choosers and half-choosers are a puzzle to themselves and to others. They live in the immature condition of wanting to "play everything by ear."

    Every once in a while ask yourself the question: If money weren't a consideration, what would I like to be doing?

    It's better to lose your pride to the one you love, than to lose the one you love because of pride. We spend so much time looking for the right person to love or finding fault with those we already love, when instead we should be perfecting the love we give.

    When you truly care for someone, you don't look for faults, you don't look for answers, you don't look for mistakes. Instead, you fight the mistakes, excuses.

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    ....true..ya in love and war everything is fair..and before we criticize others, we should look at ourselves...hmm..good messages..thankyou barish badal...

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    ya ya dats rite !!!! Better we stay instead of criticizing others n giving them a chance to revert back on us ...

    Tahnks for the post buddy.. cheers!!!

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