The Zee TV reality show Rock and Roll Family has run into controversy after it was revealed that two of the families taking part are not blood relatives.

One of the rules of entry in the competition is that their must be some sort of blood relationship between the participants of each team, however the Kapoor family have a son which is adopted. Not only that but, the mother in the Ubale family is not the real mother, but someone who has taken care of them.

Satish Dutt, the director of the show says, “This is an original concept where we want to showcase the unity in a family and the fun they can have being together; that’s where the idea of blood relationships comes in. We would have never come to know the truth about the Kapoors and the Ubales if there was no formality of signing a legal document. They refused to sign the papers revealing that they were not actually blood relatives.”

Bollywood star judge Ajay Devgan was very upset and refused to go against the rules. Now both families have been asked to replace the people concerned with blood relatives or risk being disqualified.