Twinkle sacked as Laxmi in Zee serial

Here is some sensational news for you… Twinkle Bajpai, aka Laxmi of Ghar Ki Lakshmi… Betiyan, has been sacked from the serial because of her erratic behaviour.


The bubbly actress, who was supposedly the heart and soul of the show, was asked to leave because the rest of the cast were annoyed by her attitude. She was also termed as being unprofessional and having no work ethics. Sanghamitra Panigrahi, creative head of the show, says, “Twinkle has been behaving in a very unprofessional manner. She would not give enough time to the show and the shoot was held up. She had a take-it-or-leave-it attitude and her equation with the rest of the co-stars was getting affected. The quality of the show was suffering. Also, we have suffered financial losses. We had no option but to scout for a replacement. We are scared to experiment with her any longer. Our show is the top priority for us and it is not dependent only on one person.”

Twinkle has lashed back at the Zee serial team, saying, “I have been blamed d for not giving enough time to the show and walking out of the sets, but it is untrue. Apart from 14 hours on my scheduled days, I give 8 hours extra on my non-blocked days. In the past six month I have taken only five days off, I’ve not been able to go to Lucknow, (my hometown) for Holi. I have not been able to appear for my BA final exams. This is a thankless job. I’m neglecting my health and I keep falling sick and hospitalised because of the stress. In spite of me putting in extra hours they blame me for all the delay. I can’t take it anymore. It’s ok if I’m replaced by someone else.”

Gunjan Walia, who had earlier starred in the now axed Sindoor, is to be her replacement.