The gorgeous Aishwarya Rai reportedly cold-shouldered her former roommate Shweta Menon at a recent party.

After a long gap, Shweta met Ash at the launching party of Sikander Kher ’s debut film ‘Summer 2007’.

On seeing Ash, Shweta eagerly went forward and hugged her. But Ash instead of returning Shweta’s friendly gesture with the same amount of love, she just responded with a cold ‘Hi’.

Shweta was surprised and at the same time upset with the behavior of her once close friend.

Ash and Shweta came close to each other during Miss India pageant. They shared the same room in a five-star hotel in Goa for nearly a month during the rehearsals.

After Miss India pageant, they were in touch for quite sometime but slowly there developed a communication gap. Ash got busy with her career and Shweta continued her modeling and even acted in some films both in Bollywood and in the South.


Gradually, Ash climbed the ladder of success and Shweta also earned a fairly good name.

Shweta is extremely fond of Ash but her unfriendly behavior at the party saddened her and she left the main hall quickly.