We are all aware that Bachchan senior has a gym in his Janak complex. Yes the same block that met the wrath of some political activists a few weeks back.

Now it seems like the Bachchan family are proving to be great gym partners as well. Yes, we mean the gym at Janak complex is open to pals of the Bachchan family. The politician Mr. Amar Singh visits the gym when he is in Mumbai and whenever he finds time. Another personality to vist the compound is the business baron Anil Ambani. And the fitness epert at the gym takes care of the personalities willing to spend time there.


Amitabh, whose fitness mantra is the reason for his success, entertains his friends too to use his gym and get benefit from it. Reports suggest that even Jaya ji as well as her bahu Aish get their girl pals to sweat out at the gym. A close family friend, Sonali Bendre, too has been spotted frequently at the gym.

But does Abhi baby not bother about sweating out some flabs????