Actress Amisha Patel seems to have moved up in film as she has recently signed Shah Rukh Khan's Billoo Barber. The film stars SRK as Krishna and Irrfan Khan as Sudama. But before Amisha appeared on the scene, it seems that SRK had approached Tabu.


Tabu is believed to have turned down SRK's offer to be a part of Billoo Barber. One of the reasons was the fact that the role did not demand much from her as an actress. But the other reason we believe is one Irrfan Khan. It is his presence in the film which is believed to one of the main reasons behind Tabu's refusal. It is a fact that Tabu and Irrfan have a crackling chemistry on screen and share a bitter relationship off it. The main draw of The Namesake was the relationship between Tabu and Irrfan; the main draw of Maqbool too was their sizzling chemistry. But what is not so well known is the fact that for most of the shoot of The Namesake they did not even speak to each other. The dislike is not all mutual as it is more pronounced from Tabu's side. Her irritation with him stems from the fact that he likes to let on that they are really attracted to each other off-screen as well. She does not like the fact that he shows the world that there is more to their relationship than their actually is. For instance, if other people are around, he talks to her more intimately, which really annoys her. The dislike stemmed to the surface when Tabu was asked by journos about the party that Uma Thurman had thrown for the cast of The Namesake. She said that it was no big deal. But then added that maybe they should check with Irrfan as he likes to talk about such things. So no surprise that she turned down SRK's offer.