Just when you think stars’ pay cheques are running out of space in the Amount section, they bump up their fees some more! Kareena Kapoor is the latest star to raise her rates. After winning the Best Actress award for Jab We Met, she had quoted Rs 3.5 crore. Now, it’s a whopping 6 crore.

Ashtavinayak’s producers reeled upon hearing her quote, but tried negotiating a 5-crore deal nevertheless. Bebo refused to budge. Apparently, her astronomical fee has a little something to do with Katrina Kaif, who is taking home 1.5 crore for just an item number in Ashtavinayak’s Blue. So, if Kat can make money like that for a song sequence, why can’t the lead actress make proportionately more? That’s Kareena’s logic, and it sure looks bullet-proof.