A man decides to take a walk through a graveyard one day. After several minutes of peaceful walking, he finds a tiny building between the trees. Once he gets close enough, he reads the sign above it, "Gift Shop". Confused, he enters ... only to find that the whole place is filled with jars of brains. An old man is sitting behind the desk and says, "Welcome. How many I help you?". The man replies, "I'm just looking, thanks"


The man decides to look closer and realizes that each jar has a sticker on it. The sticker has the name of the country where the brain is from and the price. He reads: "American Brain: $50", "Japanese Brain: $10", "German Brain: $15", ... "Indian Brain: $3000"... at reading this, he is shocked. He asks the old man, "Why is the indian brain so expensive! I thought Japanese and Germans were smart- why are their brains are so cheap!"

The old man replies: "Because every Japanese head I break open, there is a brain. But I have to break open 1000 Indian heads before I find a brain"