Bollywood’s high-flyer Aishwarya Rai has forgotten the people who helped her through her struggling days.

When old friend Shweta Menon approached her to say hi, Ash completely ignored her and went the other way. This happened at a party hosted for Sikander Kher’s debut film Summer Of 2007. Shweta and Ash shared the same room for over a month during a Miss India event in the 1990s.

An eye witness says, “Shweta Menon was eagerly waiting for Aishwarya and the moment she came, she went ahead and hugged her. Aishwarya however, did not return the gesture and after a perfunctory, cold ‘hi’, proceeded to ignore her completely. It was quite evident that Shweta was extremely upset. Shweta was extremely fond of Aishwarya as they have been good friends since the time they were contesting for the Miss India pageant. They even shared the same room in a five-star hotel in Goa for nearly a month during the rehearsals. They had kept in touch after that as well. Hence Shweta was looking forward to meeting her after a long gap and was shocked when cold-shouldered by her.”