Now its Mithun versus King Khan

Mithun Chakraborty is all set to take on Shah Rukh Khan for a battle that will be fought on the playing fields of a Cricket match.


The veteran actor will be using his hard earned pennies to purchase the Kolkata Cricket team, but this one is not Indian Premier League but the Indian Champions League. It has been rumoured that Mithun has paid Rs 25 crores for it. An official announcement will be made in a press conference, which Mithun with Kapil Dev, who heads ICL.

A source says, “Mithun wants to make Kolkata Tigers the best ICL team. Kolkata is very close to his heart as he spends most of his time there. He has been watching ICL matches regularly. In fact, he has spoken to Kapil Dev and plans to rename the team Bengal Tigers. The decision will be taken shortly. As Mithunda is known as the Bengal Tiger, he wants the team to be named after him.”

Mithun confirmed the news, “Yes it is true that I have taken over the team. But I don’t want to say much as all the announcements will be made in a press conference today. I have always been very passionate about sports. I love football and cricket. I am sure my fans remember how I used to organise cricket matches with Raj Kapoor Saab and everyone used to love it. I am excited to have my own cricket team.”