Bollywood hottie Shilpa Shetty is reportedly shocked to hear that she is married.

A report on a website has published a picture of Shilpa's visit to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple this week along with her mother and sister Shamita Shetty and boyfriend Raj Kundra, and speculated the actress has secretly married him. "Shilpa is flabbergasted with such irresponsible journalism," said her publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

Apart from misreporting, the piece is accompanied by dirty and derogatory comments by various surfers on a discussion board below the write-up, adding insult to injury for Shilpa.

"Many of these comments are lewd and bring shame to our culture. It is surprising how a respectable website has allowed such vulgar comments to be put up without scrutinizing them," stated Bhagwagar.

Seeking an apology from the website, the publicist has already intimated the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell and added that Shilpa may file for defamation if prompt action is not taken by the website.

"In the name of journalism, citizen journalism, discussion boards on the internet and Freedom of the Press, today's media coolly misuses these liberties to encroach upon and attack the personal lives of film stars.


Most of them are paying the price for being celebrities," he added.